We thank Allah. We praise Him. We seek His Help. We put our trust in Him. We turn to Him for His Forgiveness, and seek His Protection from the rejected enemy, from the harm of our own uneducated or undisciplined passions, and from the harm of our own bad, conscious and unconscious actions. Whoever is guided by Allah, then absolutely none can misguide. And whomever Allah permits to stray, then absolutely none can guide.

We witness that nothing deserves our worship, or none has rights to worship, other than Allah, the Lord and Creator. And we witness that Muhammed is His slave and His Messenger. This statement alone, when it is understood and obeyed, abolishes the reasoning that supports policies of injustice and oppression anywhere on the earth. And in the hearts and hands of faithful and serious People, this two-pronged statement of witness leads to the establishment of the just society. The society of freedom, justice, and equality. This is language belonging to our Islamic and American tradition.

The best words and the best report are Allah's Words and His Report. The best path and the best guidance are that which is associated with the history of leadership and standards established by Muhammed the Prophet. And that path and guidance was put into an understanding and teaching and tradition in America by one who was guided, and was himself a reformer, Imam W. Deen Mohammed, the son of Clara and Elijah Muhammad. Personally, I follow this way. I do not pretend about it or hint at it, or speak it then deny it. It is the choice I have made. It defines me and all that is associated with me. It also defines for others, who support me as leader in this tradition, what they see as the primary reason for their support.

No strategy ever leveled against humankind has been more effective in preventing them from perceiving and realizing their human purpose, than the schemes of distraction. Distract any individual person from their determinations, from their focus, from their commitment, from their concentration, even for a brief moment -a split second, and you can disrupt their hopes and plans for success in whatever discipline they have devoted themselves to. True students of the Holy Qur'an who are Believers know this. Everyone who may read the Holy Qur'an or Prophet Muhammed teachings, the prayers and the peace be on him, or who may quote Imam W. Deen Mohammed, the Mercy of Allah be on him, are not necessarily students, and they do not all qualify as Believers. There is also the matter of the condition of their hearts and the health of their minds, and the purity of their intentions.

As a matter of consideration for any positioning themselves against the Muslim-American Ministry for Human Salvation, or its objectives, or positioning themselves for conflict against me or my supporters as Leader of the People of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, know that I seek protection with Allah from the rejected enemy Shaitan, and I seek protection with Allah from all for those for whom the Shaitan is their imam. He is the imam of his tribe of followers, the devils, or shayateen as the Holy Qur'an language instructs. They obey him and they obey his strategies. If he says backbite, they backbite. If he says lie, they lie. If he says cheat, they cheat. They follow no known Islamic moral reasoning, and therefore their schemes, though subtle, cannot disrupt the Believer in his or her attention to obedience to Allah.

The Believer knows that the Shaitan announced that he would attempt to insert himself onto Allah's Own Straight Path. But the Shaitan and his obedient dupes only tie themselves up in their own faulty reasoning, and they only attract to them those weak ones who are already inclined to follow him as their imam. They have weakness in their moral nature, in their self-esteem as human beings, and their hope is to cast it onto those firm in faith and strength, their own shortcomings. Their strategies are well-known to the Believers and Students of the Holy Qur'an. Prophet Muhammed instructed "the Believers are those who do not fall into the same hole repeatedly."

For the Believers, this means that we know Allah as the Protector, and we know that His Guidance is the Shield. And we know that Prophet Muhammed said "The one who puts the Holy Qur'an in front of him, it will take him to Paradise. And the one who puts it behind his back, it will drag him to hell."

I have studied the leaders of our tradition. I have studied their circumstances. I have studied every scheme against them. I regard their history as the strongest supports for my leadership. I know they prayed that I, with them and upon what they established for me to follow as an example, would be successful. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a strong man of faith. His leadership was consistently firm and determined for more than 40 years, and his efforts made way for the work of his son. His son, Imam W. Deen Mohammed had the certainty of faith and resilience to outlast all fears, all detractors, and all schemes, to bring into existence a tradition of Islamic understanding to serve and establish a people in their Islamic and American destiny for all times. I said in 2003, at the National Islamic Convention, before the great gathering of Imam W. Deen Mohammed's People, in announcing his resignation from the oppressive Order and its corrupted supporters, that "no person, no group, no spirit, and no influence would separate me from him."

Allah made it so that I could speak those words as the national representative of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, to put on the public record where I stood. It is comparable to when Minister Wallace D. Muhammad returned to his father's side in February, 1965. I was a much younger, much less experienced man when I said those words before those thousands of people. Do you who cast your weak schemes against me now think that you will distract me from my determination which Imam W. Deen Mohammed gave me himself? The determinations to teach his way and lead his People under his specific authorization and support, facing the specific difficulties in this era of American and world circumstances?

Nothing you attempt to put on me will distract me or weaken my determination. If you had any self-respect you would study the past leaders and better understand what I stand upon. You and your schemes are what Allah says in the Holy Qur'an says you and they are: "weak... with no power, except to invite." I and those with me reject your invitation to distraction and confusion, and we seek Protection with Allah from you. And there is no Protector more reliable than Allah. This is the firm witness of the Believers, and this is the nature of my faith and those who are with me.