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TO: Josh Stein, Attorney General

State of North Carolina

Mr. Attorney General,

We have learned of your law suits addressing the immoral practices of e-cigarette companies who target the children of North Carolina in their advertisements. Your courageous stand and action in defense of the innocence of children on behalf of the People of North Carolina, and all children and their parents, demands our recognition, our thanks, and our support. We have in our religious teachings a high and primary requirement to support the good in defense of the innocent, and to push all wrong, though it mix itself with innocence, out of the sacred spaces where we nurture, protect, and teach our truly innocent ones.

The fact that these companies have demonstrated a shrewd strategy to bypass the influence of parents and schools to market their products alarms and troubles us deeply. Also, our religion prescribes strong warnings and prohibitions against poisons which may adversely affect our ability to reason and act responsibly, and therefore function productively as neighbors and citizens. All of us who care about the good future of our society must take notice of your efforts. You have in addition to our human moral support, our strong Islamic religious community support.

Please inform us how we can best support your efforts. Thank you for your leadership against this assault on human innocence, and prayers for God's Blessings on you and for your success.


Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed