We applaud and congratulate the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, on his honor in receiving this year's Nobel Prize for Peace. We congratulate the Ethiopian and the Eritrean People who have struggled in their national relationship and are moving honorably toward restoring their natural brotherly ties. We congratulate and encourage the supporters of the Prime Minister and the leadership of Eritrea. We congratulate the Nobel Committee in this thoughtful choice.

Some years ago, on a visit to Ethiopia that I made representing Imam W. Deen Mohammed's religious and world-peace interests, I became better acquainted with the Muslim and Christian and Jewish population there who have lived side-by-side and inter-mingled in peace for many centuries. The political history and troubles notwithstanding, no one visiting Ethiopian cities and villages could not be touched deeply by this People and their record of respect and peace within the privacy of their personal faith communities and families. They are a serious People with a clear and certain faith-inspired morality. We share with them a similar, shared heritage of Islam and Christianity, and we know of the ancient importance of this land for Christians and Muslims and Jews. Prime Minister Ahmed is a son of the faiths of his people, and he has insisted that his Eritrean neighbors not be excluded from the benefits of a relationship with a new Ethiopia that cherishes that heritage and its humanitarian influences.

Thoughtful and faithful Muslims, knowing the history of the Habashi (Ethiopian) People, especially those of us who think of ourselves as 'Bilalians', should pray for the good future of this beautiful society and their leader. Allah is raising them up to show and teach all peoples of faith, and all nations of mankind, an important lesson in this momentous period in world history.

We pray Allah's Favor and Blessings on Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his People.