Our Holy Book teaches that those who want G'd's Favor are not to make any transgression against truth and reason. That G'd forbids it. He forbids going against what is plain truth, the good conscience, and the common, good sense and reason that operates as a strong property in human natural intelligence. Believers in G'd are affected when they are brought to witness human suffering, wherever it is on the earth, and whomever it is directly affecting. This witness obligates movement in the soul. It stirs the sensitive soul to action. Global trends are walking mankind to the reality of true witness to the universal human condition. Our souls do register what we have seen as the devastation caused by the Hurricane Dorian on the island nation of The Bahamas. We are moved by the suffering of its People, but we are moved even more so by the efforts of those prepared and devoted to relieving that suffering, many at risk to their own lives. They understand that we must extend to the People of The Bahamas more than our thoughts.

When Muslims read and recite their Holy Book, it is our most formal and highest act of worship. But, in order for the act to register with the Heavenly Assembly, as our religion teaches, it must be realized in the conscious action of the limbs. The Qur'an teaches, again, that the Book itself is fulfilled in justice. It is not fulfilled in ritual. It is fulfilled in the activity of just action.

For all of the natural beauty of this island nation -The Bahamas, and the spirit of human service and kindness that characterize its People, the poverty that exists there is a great and undeniable Sign, and it cannot be understated with regard to the obligation Muslim-African-Americans must feel in understanding it as a direct Sign to us.

The African-American people, and in particular the Muslim-African-American community, must become more materially productive, more educated and mature in our charitable interests, so that such nations on this earth, that are populated by Peoples who have the same social history that we do of long and numerous eras of oppression and the dawning of freedom's teaching in the soul and social conscience, can depend on our productivity to help address their needs. It is this reality that warns us as to whether we are as legitimate as we claim to be. These devastations in lives of Peoples expose not those People who suffer, but expose us who claim high principles of consciousness and responsibility. This is justice on us, and our response will be judged by Allah as a true or untrue exercise of faith. We are not, and will never be, the established People our past leaders wanted for us to become and thought we could become, until we register this responsibility and the degree to which we must be prepared to address the condition of human life on this earth.

To the People of The Bahamas, we say, we thank G'd for your display of human dignity before the world, and we devote ourselves with greater energy to that which you require of our material and social support.