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We have heard the sad news of the passing of our beloved and respected leader and brother, Imam Muhammad Siddeeq. I don't know of any person in his generation who is equal to him as a public representation of the true and honorable Muslim-African-American identity and the Muslim-African-American man. I, personally, am deeply saddened.

My prayers are to Allah for him for the Mercy and the Forgiveness and the Paradise. I extend condolences from myself and my family to his family, his wife Fareedah, and their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, that their grief be lightened knowing that he is a deserving servant of his Lord.

We know of his great and extensive works, all of us are witnesses. He touched countless lives in America and the world as a religious leader, educator, activist, wise advisor, friend, and brother. He was a servant of mankind for justice and all good causes, a determined champion of oppressed people and a principled voice for the under-served. He was an unyielding and staunch supporter, representative, student, and follower of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, and an example to all of how Islamic leadership is to be held up and supported.

Imam Siddeeq was of the first line of significant leaders that were charged with the responsibility of change and transition for our community under the then new leader in 1975. He embraced the new vision and new leadership language and would not negotiate or retreat that conviction a single inch, and he carried that determination for all the years of his life. He and his wife nursed their children on this diet of faith and knowledge, and it made them as unique and special a faithful Muslim family that this community has ever produced. He was of the finest and most devoted husbands and fathers I have ever known.

I have my many personal memories of our friendship over nearly 40 years, and his influence on all of us who sought to devote ourselves to the service of our Islamic community and heritage. He is and will always be loved, profoundly by myself and my family. I will miss his life and spirit everyday. We thank Allah for him and all he left us as an example.