Imam Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed Answers Question On Sentencing DisparitIES


MARCH 3, 2018


What do you think about the sentence of Paul Manafort?


We are people believing in fairness and justice. We believe in these principles as matters of our faith in G'd. G'd says to us "Be just, for being just is similar to fear of G'd."

These disparate sentences mock the principle of justice that our country stands on. It weakens the American people. It insults intelligent people who want to believe that America stands for "liberty and justice for all" to sentence one group of people differently than another, and then to try to justify it by the reading of the laws themselves.

In this instance it is not the law that is faulty, it is the interpreter of justice and their unprincipled leanings that betrays justice. I think American institutions of justice have to take a close, serious look at how these decisions disrespect our democracy in the eyes of Americans, and the eyes of those looking at America.

Intelligent people can see that their are obvious imbalances, and the status of our system as a true system of justice is in serious question.