QUESTION: As-Salaam Alaikum Imam Abdulmalik. I have been reading and re-reading your commentary for sometime. I’m sure that I’m not alone. There must be others out there who are also reading your words and drawing the same conclusions that I have drawn. Number one, the state of our community is not good. Two, you are clearly Imam W. Deen Mohammed’s successor and the one he prepared to lead his people.

I know from our religion that it isn’t enough for me to just say these things, even if it is only to myself. I also know that saying it publicly will make the local imam and his supporters view and treat me a certain way. What am I obligated to do in this situation where it’s clear who the real leader is?

IMAM EARL ABDULMALIK MOHAMMED: When we look at the state of our Islamic life we are compelled to look at two primary matters. One is the quality of our own individual or personal lives as Muslims. And the other is how we as Muslim individuals are contributing to or asserting ourselves for the realization of an Islamic life in totality, or in community, where we as individuals are working together or cooperating to address our legitimate human life needs and how we secure those needs as defined by Islamic disciplines or Islamic teachings. Quality and truthful leadership must honestly assess these two central matters. And that is all I have done. I do not say that I am leader as a statement of desire or ambition or ego. That doesn't motivate me and never did. It is a person who has a very cheap view of human life and the responsibility of leaders who is motivated by a narcissistic view of the role of leadership.

I am a person of faith, and I am a sincere person. I am also an innocent person. I know the picture that has been painted of me by those opposed to me, and even by some elements in the United States government that wanted to disrupt our community's progression toward implementing Imam W. Den Mohammed's teaching and efforts at a Muslim life in America. I also know that it is not a simple matter for people to see their leader as a prisoner, or that their leadership is coming from a person in prison, under any circumstances. My imprisonment is very difficult for people to accept when it comes to a serious discussion about the succession of Imam W. Deen Mohammed's leadership. That is why I never declared anything about myself. I knew that prison would be no excuse for me not leading. I had to lead by productivity and correct thinking. No matter my circumstances I knew that it was time for our voice as a people to be heard and heard clearly and resolutely on those issues and those areas of our life as Muslims, as African-Americans, as American citizens, etc. that Imam W. Deen Mohammed and his father has so clearly defined and were being confused and lost. I knew intimately, up close, what Imam Mohammed thought of me and what he expected from me because he told me directly. Most of the opposition I have is from others who knew this too. Their opposition didn't just begin. They harbored and acted upon their envy for decades against me in various ways, and they know the alliances they built and the extent they went to in order to prevent me from ever having any platform that they supported. It is not a mystery how the Muslim Journal came to shame its integrity as a legitimate Islamic news-reporting entity when it slandered me with the support of this oppressive order of leaders. They were only acting as Imam Mohammed predicted them to act. He said openly and plainly that they specifically were anticipating his death in order to redirect our interests as a community. In one picture, they have succeeded. But, they only succeeded in the way that the Enemy of man succeeded against Adam. It is an illegitimate and illusionary success. It is a short-lived success for them. Because once the people are shown the true picture and complete story they will choose what is better over what is corrupt and inferior. They hate, but they cannot dispute, the evidence that Imam Mohammed left for the public record. Imam Mohammed stated at the primary and major gatherings through his words and also symbolic gestures what he thought of me, and he was communicating those thoughts to his strongest supporters. He didn't just say what he thought of me in small gatherings or private discussions. He even told world leadership what he thought of me and my role in the future. He told me what he said to the scholars of Islam in Saudi Arabia and Syria about me and our future. He told me what he told domestic leadership about me and our future. They are all expecting me. With all of this help that Imam Mohammed gave me, I just had to accept the responsibility and qualify for it. He knew that eventually our people would see what he was saying about me and understand it at the right time. For Allah is the Authority and His Reach is over everything. So therefore, it is no mistake that what I teach is so clearly distinguished from what others teach. It is no error that my language is Imam Mohammed's language. My reasoning is his reasoning. He prepared me for the role, and now I am ready to carry the responsibility. That responsibility is primarily the message. No one, not one of the enemies, even dare compare what I have said and what I am saying to Imam W. Deen Mohammed. It is a mirror image. He put his reasoning in my hands for this time. There is no denying it by a reasonable, honest person.

But, how do we explain the imprisonment and the crimes I am said to have committed? In this moment what I can say is that there is much more to this story than court documents and the hearsay of people who have a reason and an agenda for hating and opposing me. What I decided upon is to address the matter directly when I am free. That day is at hand, and our enemies will be exposed for their lies, half-truths, and their plot against Imam W. Deen Mohammed and his successor.

In the end it is all decided by Allah. The proof of my role is in the productivity and quality of the message. Allah says in the Holy Qur'an that He does not guide sinners. This is proof enough for me. Additionally, Allah has shown me a convention of supporters who have visited me and communicated with me from all over this world as to the importance and effectiveness of what I am doing. The reality is that Allah has strengthened me to work rings around our enemies, and that quality productivity exposes and chokes the weak logic of their stupidity.

I care deeply for the condition of our people. I know that we have some outstanding Imams who are doing great works. I know that many of them like me, some love me, but they are hesitant to stand in support of me. I say to them and our people, ask Allah to strengthen you to see clearly and act only in accord with what you know is obedience to Him, and do not betray your good Islamic conscience.