The Representative of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Imam Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed speaks on Climate Change


Imam Abdulmalik, what is your opinion on climate change?


The understanding is in the phrase. Is it a question of mighty storms? Yes, but not the mighty storms in the physical or material world only.

Scripture gives us a picture of mighty storms, but we are not to see that in a simplistic way as if it is a weather report or something from the ancient world. It is a message as to the state of mind, and state of moral nature, and state of the intellectual order that is governing the human world. If the storm comes against a people then that people are under a curse or a punishment of some kind. Or, it is to expose or reveal a plot against the innocent. Something in the ruling elite needs to be revealed, and so G'd will show the common people a disturbance in the climate, a change in the weather, a change in the attitude or disposition of the environment, to alert their moral sensitivities that something is going on in the ruling order that will eventually affect them.

I mentioned awhile ago that I had had a dream that kind of focused my attention on what my work is to be in this time. And in that dream was two Mr. W.D. Fard. One was the real one and one was an impostor. I am not going to explain all of that dream or share all of it now. There will be an appropriate time to share all of it, but this is not it. But, I will share this part. I was aware in the dream that there were two paths as represented by the two Mr. Fard.

The Prophets mentioned in the Holy Qur'an, some of them were aware of a pending curse or destruction on their people. It was their people, all of them, that were affected. And these Prophets, like Noah and Lot and some of the others that are not known by the Christian public like Salih and Hud, these are figures and peoples named in the Qur'an, were explaining the error in the thinking of the people. And some of the people responded in the right way to these warnings and they were saved from the destruction. Noah was not the only human on the ark. It says that members of his family were with him, and we can understand that to mean that a segment of the population that accepted Noah's reasoning were saved from the punishment. I am sure the people of Noah, not just the ones saved, but all of the people of Noah saw the signs in the clouds. They became aware of a climate change. Not just a season change. A change in the temperature, or disposition, in the ruling order. Cold and wet.

A couple of years ago I heard reported that now in restaurants a person has to ask for a straw for their soda or water. You don't just get a straw anymore. You have to ask for a straw. I am not experiencing this because I am in prison. Joseph wasn't experiencing the problem that the ruler was seeing directly, but he knew the answer because he had been taught to read the language of the ruling order and he was born to a tradition of the purest and most honest sensitivity of the people, and he was, and we have been oppressed by a corruption of that sensitivity. His brothers were from that sensitivity too, but they followed the impostor. They didn't follow their father. They saw their father as being senile, so they took another path, and they oppressed Joseph. Joseph was saved from their corruption. They pointed to him as being corrupt because he was in prison. Isn't that what they are saying about me? The Muslim Journal and the corrupted order that breathes life into it say that I am in prison because of corruption. They know they are liars, but they are protecting their order. G'd has saved us and me from them, and He is showing us that they who are supposed to be with Imam W. Deen Mohammed have adopted the thinking of those who want to take straw out of the society. Pharaoh took straw out of the society too. The organic material needed to make bricks. The material that has life in it. The material that breathes that is needed to stand the society up. The true life, the essential ingredient upon which all healthy societies stand upon, they declare war on it. So they have declared war on me. But, I am saved from them in prison. But, my time is finished in prison because the rulers see that a storm is coming over the whole society. And they know that the authentic interpretation of the change in the world climate and what to do about it, is in this special people that came from the path introduced by Mr. Fard to the black people of America.

The ark sails, and the purest and most sincere are saved from the climate change. And one will call out, that, "Hey, I belong on that Ark. I am with Imam W. Deen Mohammed." But he rejected the true message and Representative of that message because of selfishness and small thinking and jealousy. Maybe they will catch up to the ark and hang on as we sail protected from the climate change, but we are not stopping the ark.

The climate change is in the thinking, and is the prediction and verification of the mighty storm that oppresses mankind. On the other side of climate change is life on Mars. A new order.

There is much here and I am praying that you get what I am saying. I know the rulers get it. That is why they are hurrying to buy up the new book "On Nature and Nations." They see Joseph and the true Representation of his father's teaching in the Day of Religion and the time of the new heavens and new earth. They say "Get that man out of prison and give him access to the houses that feed and protect us so he can justly distribute straw and grain."