The Representative of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Imam Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed speaks on Climate Change - PART 3

These kinds of concerns are what is meaningful for our life in America. The pettiness we hear and read, we can avert and side-step. This kind of discussion is what we want to share. This is where the value is. This is what sets us apart from those claiming authority. They are pretenders just like the chiefs around the ruler in Joseph's story, and Joseph's brothers. These types pretend they are innocent or that they have nothing to do with the problems in society. When they say that, they are subtlety pointing to the tradition they say they belong to. They are blaming Imam W. Deen Mohammed for our condition. Joseph made clear that they are impostors.

In my dream I saw Mr. Fard at a distance. When I came close I saw what appeared to be him but I sensed immediately that he wasn't the real person. This is saying that the Mr. Fard explained to us in our continuity of knowledge in the teaching of Imam W. Deen Mohammed is the correct picture. We can see him in Imam W. Deen Mohammed's teaching. But if you want to show me the man right now up close, that is an impostor. We can only see him correctly in the distance. We can only see him by interpretation of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, not in his flesh. Those of you who know what I shared as the entire dream know that it concluded with the Imam asking me to locate his reading glasses. That is all I will mention for now.

The impostors among us say "I am with Imam W. Deen Mohammed." But then they say, "We don't have to mention his name." So, they are saying the same thing that the chiefs around the ruler said. He comes to them with a problem and they say "We do not have the ability to read your dreams." We are with you Imam W. Deen Mohammed but your dreams are confusion. We are with you Imam W. Deen Mohammed but your language is confusion. We are with you Daddy, but your mind is gone -this is what the brothers of Joseph say. As a child Joseph tells his father that he is reading the spiritual signs and his father guards him right away and tells him don't tell your brothers that you can do this. Joseph's father knows that Joseph is the preservation of his knowledge and that his brothers, when they find out that Joseph can read this knowledge and apply it, they will try to kill him. The brothers see it and they plot. Why? Because they want to inherit the authority over their father's tradition while pretending to know how to use it properly. They want the power to rule over the people, but without the moral sensitivity to feed them properly. The chiefs around the ruler were no help at all when the big problem came for the society. They were pretending to have knowledge. Isn't this what has happened with us?

They point to Imam W. Deen Mohammed in his name and flesh body, but the implementation of his knowledge they take away and replace with their foolishness. "Perceptions of Imam W. Deen Mohammed" as EDITED by so and so. They take the straw out of his teaching. They change his words from their proper places. They reinterpret his knowledge to justify their inaction or to blame him for problems they cannot solve. Ibn Abbas warned of this with the Prophet's following. You say you follow Prophet Muhammed in his flesh body but you dismiss his language as irrelevant and you point to Abu Bakr and Umar. Abu Bakr and Umar are innocent of the charge. The charge is on the one who pretends to follow Prophet Muhammed.

I say I am Imam Mohammed's Representative, not because I feel entitled to that above others. It is because he said that of me. He authorized me to think on that, and to grow into that responsibility. I say that I am his ideological successor, not because I want power and authority over the people. I say it because he wanted what I had demonstrated to succeed him. He wanted his thinking to live in our people, and it he wanted it preserved not only in his words in his person, but in us as a living function for our development. This why we are his people. We live and produce with his knowledge, following his reasoning, and interpreting the conditions of our world and applying them in real-time. This is the importance of the new book "On Nature and Nations." It is saying that we are maturing as a people. We can read Imam W. Deen Mohammed's language for its proper use, and we can apply it for all of the world to see and appreciate. He intended that I succeed him because he saw early on that I would not just point to his flesh body, but that I would use his language in the way that he would for whatever the issues were in the present time.