Immigration. Nationalism. Race. Extremism. Patriotism. Economic justice. Citizenship. Freedom. Recognition and reverence for G’d’s Plan for human life. In every country and on every continent, these are the issues straining the moral, intellectual, and material resources of nations, and stretching the abilities of leaders and the patience of their people to identify suitable and satisfactory remedies. What role does Islam and its peoples serve in this season of trouble and divisiveness for human society?

The complexity and sensitivity of the question beckons for answers from a conscious Muslim leadership. Now comes the language of precise and healing conclusions.

In the direct line and spirit of Muslim-African-American leadership and messaging excellence, as characterized by Elijah Muhammad and his son W. Deen

Mohammed, On Nature and Nations is the voice of a People. With reasoning drawn from Islam’s sacred sources in the unmistakable emphasis of W. Deen Mohammed, Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed skillfully addresses the most pressing issues of the Day in a moment of tumultuous di culty for human beings everywhere in the world.

This book announces a new productive period of thought and action coming from the African-American Islamic community, and it signals the emergence of its next important and consequential leader.