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Muslim-American Ministry for Human Salvation

Office of the Representative of Imam W. Deen Mohammed

We are the people of faith in G'd, followers of Muhammed the Prophet and members in his international following, the people of the teachings of Islam and the Holy Qur'an. The threats and acts of violent extremism have oppressed the human family. Its perpetrators are a scourge on innocent populations of Muslims, Christians, and Jews, and all honorable descendants of man's first and common ancestor.

The ideologies and the methods of the extremists are of the ugliest corruptions of our religious messages, messages that are intended to serve man, and to increase the respect for man's sacred worth in the picture of individual human life, and expand man's possibilities in the sacred destiny for that life in human communities, as guaranteed by man's Lord and Creator. We are deeply moved and grateful by this determined action of world governments and tech industry leaders to cooperate with each other in the Christchurch Call Resolution, and to seek the counsel of civil society, which includes the faith communities, in the work to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online. We pledge our resources of faith and knowledge in support of these initiatives.

We congratulate the Muslim-majority nations who are signed onto to this important international resolution of values, and we encourage them in particular to find strength in Muhammed the Prophet's guided human example of love, respect, and tolerance for human and religious diversity. We encourage our government in these United States of America to also lead by example in the promotion of such values that cherish human communities, and to continue to aid in advocating for them against the unjust, the uncivilized, and the inhumane who find cover behind the sheets of nationalism. We are a Muslim-American community with a firm determination for the preservation of all decent and universal human freedoms, and the prevention of all forms of extremism that threaten those freedoms and the safety of innocent human life.

Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed

Leader in the society of Muslim-Americans