The stoning of the Jamarat during Hajj (the Islamic Pilgrimage)

The stoning of the Jamarat during Hajj (the Islamic Pilgrimage)

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Imam Abdulmalik, you have been accused of various things by Imams, and the editor of the Muslim Journal. It is well known that the leaders of our community preceding you were also accused by those who didn't approve of them or wanted to see them weakened. One matter that gets alot of attention is the fact that you are serving a prison term, and that because of that you are not suitable to lead. Would you please respond to these accusations?

Imam Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed:

Praise be to Allah. He is the Lord-Creator, the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer. We witness that nothing deserves our worship other than Him. There are entities that invite us to obey and worship them, but they are not Allah, Highly Glorified is He above and far from anything attempting to rise to share or dispute His Throne. Abraham, peace be on the Prophet, in his path of obedience to Allah, was accosted by the Shaytan in 3 forms—small, medium, and large. In awareness of this challenge to Abraham's path of obedience, we are instructed by Muhammed the Prophet, the prayers and the peace be on him, to stone these 3 devils with the seven pebbles as a part of our Hajj ritual. One may appear small to us, but the obligation is to stone them with the seven pebbles - the seven progressions of excellence built upon the excellence of our human nature. Our created nature speaks to us about what is right and wrong.

If we ignore our nature speaking, we are not even able to defeat the smallest devil. We obey the nature even if the volume of its voice is faint. All manner of noise will attempt to drown out the call of the nature. If we do not hear the nature, we cannot follow the Guidance. It is the nature that calls for Guidance. Do not think our encounters are only with the big devil in the society that wants to sit on Allah's Throne. These are the matters brought to our attention in the picture of man as a collective soul commemorated at the Hajj. When we are looking at our humanity in the big assembly, we are not to ignore the challenges to our good human form that come from even small issues. That does not mean we are consumed by them. It means that we do not ignore them. This is why slander and libel, even that appears insignificant or not worth our attention, is a serious matter. It can grow into bigger manifestations and problems.

My voice is not my own small individual voice, when I speak for you. It is the voice of a whole People. It is the voice of the soul of that People. Perhaps some of you do not recognize that. If you don't, then I do not represent you, and that is fine with me. You all must be able to discern when I am speaking as the soul of our People. Our People are not those that attack me or suggest that I am misrepresenting myself or the truth. It is not those who accuse me of crimes, impatience, lies, confusion. Do not think I do not see their snake-like movements, and do not recognize the sound of their snake-like tongues when they speak, and do not recognize their snake-like viewpoint. Allah shows us the nature of the snake. He is colorful, resilient, strong, and fierce. He moves in a mysterious side-ways movement.

Some snakes pretend to be poisonous and dangerous. Some are very dangerous. They come in all sizes, just as the Shaytan. In his smallest size, he shows us his movement, and his tongue, and his viewpoint so as to inform us about his nature, so that when the bigger more dangerous versions show themselves, we can see them and rid ourselves of them as necessary. The small size is a Sign. We do not like his movement or his tongue or his view, and we strike him as he approaches with the elevations of our human excellence, but we do not harm him. We study him and we seek Allah's Protection. It is reported that Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, sent some gold from Yemen to the Prophet. The Prophet was dividing the gold and distributing it to the people. As he was sharing the gold, a man yelled out to him "Oh Muhammed. Regard Allah!" The Prophet responded, "Have I not been the one most regardful of Allah, and invited the people to be?" This person was questioning the Prophet's integrity. Umar, who was standing near the Prophet asked him, "Should we deal with this person?" The Prophet said, "No. He may be of those who pray."

Do not ask me questions that are beneath our dignity as a People, and beneath my dignity as the leader of that People, if you know better. Respect yourselves and your good nature. We may be accused of many things by outsiders, enemies, hypocrites, and devils, but that does not mean that their questions of us are legitimate. I am not a politician running for office. I speak for and represent a tradition of a People. I guard that tradition and that message. It is my life and yours. If you stand with it, then defend your leader and representative in the best appointments of knowledge. Everyone who says that they follow Imam W. Deen Mohammed will not be with me or us. Just because they say such does not prove such.

My mind, my heart, my spirit, my knowledge was not formed in prison. I am not a prison Imam, nor a prison product. I am a man that was targeted by those who were studying our community to determine how to change the focus and emphasis of our message and control our community. They imprisoned me, through my own negligence, lack of knowledge, and innocence, and inserted and gave support to an Order to disrupt our thinking and message and re-form our People. They have not been successful, and Allah has shown us all who I am and what I am to do. Study Imam W. Deen Mohammed and only then you will see me and know how what I am doing should be respected.