International Interfaith conferenece

February 4, 2019

We congratulate the leaders and the people of the United Arab Emirates on the hosting of an international interfaith conference addressing the issue of extremism, fanaticism, and ritualism in religion. We have joy in our hearts to know that more and more of the world's Muslim leaders are studying and applying our Prophet Muhammed's methods of inviting all people to a rational faith in the One G'd, the highest salute and peace be on him, and a recognition of mankind as one universal community.

Addressing this problem of extreme ritualism, when told about a worshipper who had given up his responsibilities in society to devote himself to prayers and fasting our Prophet asked "Who addresses his needs?" He was answered by the group lauding the man's devotion, "We do." The Prophet replied, "then you are better than he is."

The distinguished and respected Imam of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt is joined by the Pope of the Catholic Church in the UAE as a beautiful demonstration of the attention the worldwide communities of faith are giving to the real-life needs of striving and suffering peoples on all continents of this earth.

We ask G'd's favor on their meeting, and we join them in their efforts, as we have been also intensely devoted to these issues and causes for many decades as a consequence of our late leader—Imam W. Deen Mohammed's tireless efforts to promote the same in America and the world. As Muslims greet, we say: Peace be on the participants and the Mercy of G'd, and prayers for your Successes.

- Imam Earl Abdulmalik Mohammed, Representative of Imam W. Deen Mohammed